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Brad Roth
2 min readJul 15, 2022


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In the last two blog posts ( here and here), I discussed the book True Tales of Medical Physics, edited by Jacob Van Dyk. Today, I want to bring to your attention something else I learned about when reading True Tales: the group Medical Physics for World Benefit.

[Jacob (Jake) Van Dyk] was the main founder of Medical Physics for World Benefit (, an organization devoted to supporting medical physics activities, largely by training and mentoring, especially for lower income settings.

The vision of this organization is to create

A world with access to effective and safe applications of physics and technology in medicine

and its mission is

To support activities which will yield effective and safe use of physics and technologies in medicine through advising, training, demonstrating, and/or participating in medical physics-related activities, especially in low to middle income countries.

What’s there not to like?

You can join or donate to the organization on its website.

We are physicists who work in medicine. If you are a medical physicist and care about global health and access to quality health care, consider joining us.

We help low to middle income countries with training, education, and other methods of support. We are registered charities in the USA and Canada. Learn more about donating to MPWB.

Too cheap to give? At least follow Medical Physics for World Benefit on Facebook or Twitter (@medphyswb).

Finally, I’m gonna give ya a tip. Many academic libraries subscribe to a package from Springer Publishing that lets institutional library members download pdf’s of Springer books for free. So, you can download Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology, True Tales of Medical Physics, and my recently published Are Electromagnetic Fields Making Me Ill? all at no charge. Then, take the money you saved and donate it to Medical Physics for World Benefit.

Deal or no deal?

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Brad Roth

Professor of Physics at Oakland University and coauthor of the textbook Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology.